International Air Rally celebrates 15 years!

15 years may not be  significant to mark an anniversary,  but it is a great opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and what we have become. We learned by experience that the  gathering of a group of pilots flying together as buddies, through unknown territories creates a strong bind and develops long lasting friendship.


The International Air Rally is a big family !


Today, more than ever, pilots are looking to venture beyond their comfort zone to enjoy the freedom aviation provides. The Rally aims at increasing pilot’s awareness, capacity and confidence to travel beyond their present boundaries to explore new territories.


Every journey leads to the celebration of culture and friendship.

The Air Rally is for like minded people looking to connect with people of different

origins and cultures.


We would like to extend a huge thanks to all our members, partners and  the pilots who joined us and  who have assisted and supported us in progressing such positive changes.